| Unfinished Business |

Hurva Synagogue, Louis Kahn | Unbuilt |

‘Unfinished Business: Back to The Drawing Board’ is a Propositions studio deadling with the Hurva Synagogue, designed by Louis Kahn. It focuses on design challenges present during design development – the period of architectural design following the initial conception of architecture when one figures out how to execute the work. Generally speaking, schematic design contends with the birthing of ideas and the imagery underlying an architecture. This project explores the nuanced exchange between three key pillars of architecture: construction details, appearances, and concepts. To accomplish this, we resumed the unfinished work of another architect and took on the responsibility for bringing a schematic proposal to a state of higher resolution.

Composite drawing of all the four floor plans, juxtaposed with the sectional elevation, with the use of materiality and texture to emphasize light and shadow.

Conceptual diagrams showing process, program and form evolution.

Sectional perspective drawing showing the quality of space.

Composite detailed construction drawing.