Representation | Cribbed |

This studio aimed to capture design ideologies of various architects' work, and implement/idealize them in architectural representational work.


Strada Novissima | Facade Model |

The intent was to recreate the iconic facades designed in the Strada Novissima exhibition. This particular model was inspired by Andres Jaque's work. His penchant for floaty, airy shapes coupled with a lightness of material has been explored in this model, which uses layering of concentric shapes to achieve the desired effect.


OMA + FAT |Combined Representation Drawing |

This image is essentially the House For Essex designed by FAT, drawn in the architectural style of OMA Architects. The precedent drawing selected was 'The Pleasure of Architecture', and this drawing echos the color palette, patterns and other key elements that create the atmosphere of the drawing.


Model of Representation Drawing

Following the drawing, a a model was crafted to better explain the intricacies, and to emphasize the translation from 2D to 3D representation.


Chair Representation Drawing | Pattern and Fill |

An exaggerated perspective drawing of a chair, drawn without lines, and denoted through pattern and fill. 


Napkin Sketch Competition | 2nd Place|

Participated in an office-wide Napkin Sketch Competition at CRTKL, and won 2nd place for the sketch exploring the deconstructivist nature of Peter Eisenmann’s House III.