Cross Rhythm | Reinventing the Guyon Hotel |

Won first place firmwide, published in the Architect Magazine, the Curbed website and the CallisonRTKL website 

Exterior rendering showing the transparent glass brick facade, as well as glass boxes that serve as means of circulation between the building mass.

Cross Rhythm is…

a destination in West Garfield Park for all Chicagoans. The historic Hotel Guyon, developed by a jazz club owner and once housing radio stations, is going back to its roots.

The refurbished building will be a hub for all to enjoy jazz performances, understand the history of jazz in Chicago at the museum, and learn to play musical instruments. The building will also include a venue space for any community or personal event located at the top of the building, and a public café at the base.

West Garfield Park has the infrastructure to support this project as a destination via its proximity to public transportation – Chicagoans can journey for a show or museum outing. There are a number of schools around this residential area which support the music school. It provides a neighborhood café hangout nearby the public park which hosts an array of park district sports.

The project goal is provide transparency and openness not only to the building, but to West Garfield Park. Cross Rhythm will bring revenue and people into the area, boosting jobs and decreasing crime. By bringing new life and connection, all Chicagoans will cross paths here.

Timeline showing decline of the hotel, and subsequent decline of the surrounding community and neighborhood

Master Planning diagram showing proximity to Garfield Park, as well as retail and educational buildings around the site

Rendered Section Perspective showing Reprogramming and intersection of spaces

Interior rendering showing lighting of common first floor space, as well as transparency from exterior to interior, and also within the interior spaces as well